Who is Hiroshi?

I am

Travis Hiroshi (Senzaki) Zane.


I didn’t mean for that to be dramatic.

I’m a young human bean (pun intended because I eat an absurd amount of beans, ask me about the wonders of garbanzo and black) growing through life just like every other human bean on this planet.

Dry beans

I am a creative addict, social media producer, video creator, website entrepreneur, photographer, writer and editor, amateur cook (and by that I mean I’m not good at cooking), outdoors enthusiast, kombucha/beer-lover, and champion globe trekker & trip planner.

I’ve been to 23 countries so far, can’t roll my tongue, and often get compliments on my whistling abilities.


I studied psychology (w/ some neuroscience & tech. management) at UC Santa Barbara, a haven on the coast of sunny California, and resultantly know how to have an incredible time while managing real life.

I also studied abroad in Lund, Sweden for a year, and have spent several months traveling solo/living remotely in Southeast Asia, East Asia, and Central America.

Ooo, and I just moved to New York City. A dream I’ve had since I was 7 years old (perhaps a dream a lot of people have had since they were 7 years old).


All of the people I’ve met so far in this wonder-filled life have stuck around, smiling. You know, which means they have an extraordinary amount of endurance and patience. Unless my mom paid them. Either way, I would like to continue meeting such people (so Mom if you’re there keep the cash trees flowing).

In the future I would love to work as a creative director (why did I study psychology, you ask? Because I would like to work as a creative director that can read minds) .


I’m also pretty into mindfulness, compassion, and all that good stuff.

I also like a lot of other things because I’m a person and people tend to like things.

 Why are you still reading this.

Anyways, that’s about 1/1000th of who I am. Was it too generous? Did I leave out the fact that I take under three minute showers and can poop as fast as I can pee, not because it is socially unacceptable, but because it is so impressive that you might not believe anything I say?

Who’s to tell.


I would apologize for my humor/lack of social decency but I’m not going to. Just trust that I’m a presentable and fun friend to have around.