What is “Happy Hiroshi”?

Welcome to Happy Hiroshi

My name is Travis Hiroshi (Senzaki) Zane.

This is a blog about the miracles of everyday life, the inspirations found in the cracks of every face, place, and passion that I encounter every day.

All content on this website – articles, photos, design – is written, shot, and edited by yours truly.

I am creating this plethora of content to curate a (hopefully) beautiful dump of thoughts, opinions, experiences, memoirs, and all written attempts to communicate the human experience from an ordinary point of view.

THE HAPPY HIROSHI MISSION: To communicate life in all its genuine ups and downs, and piece together life-long documentation of whatever the hell all of this is.

The reality of our world is this: Everything is not perfect. There are challenges, issues, and arguments that will strike us in opposition every day. There are world matters that seem so large, so bleak, and so overwhelming that addressing them is often seen as a futile task. Dogs eat their own shit. Humans break each others hearts. But if we exert thoughtfulness, innovation, and creativity onto the experiences and challenges we live, seeing the silver linings, the beautiful cherry atop the organic, cold-pressed ice cream, becomes easier than we think.


Right, so what is it exactly?

This is a resource for everyone.

For anyone looking to remind themselves about the brightest aspects of humanity. Reasons to smile, keep smiling, and spread smiles along the way.

Also, for anyone looking to remind themselves that the shittiest aspects of humanity are shared. Getting shit thrown in your face, dealing with heartbreak, dealing with loss, and the recognition that someone else is right there with you, always, experiencing the downs, the ups, and the sideways throttle.

And last but not least, this is a resource for myself.

Because life is freaking insane. And I honestly think too much. But I guess we all do, right? Right? Yeah I’m right. So read on! We’re all in this crazy together.


Navigating the Site

The blog is split up into distinct sectors, which can be navigated from the top menu (“The Zane Journal”):


MOMENTS – Moments in my life that the universe tells me are important, or at least that’s what I interpret from the inspired shivers that hit my brain here and there. They’re moments where I feel full to the brim of the need to write (so I do).

LIFE & ADVICE – Pieces inspired by the general human experience, our struggles, our triumphs, and how to navigate life more smoothly. A way to communicate the human experience with written word.

OPINION & CURRENT EVENTS – Short pieces written on general opinion and current events, politics, and the fluctuating state of our world.

FICTION & PROSE – A creative outlet consisting of abstract and fictional pieces, narratives, and prose written in response to life events or general experiences.

JOURNAL – Journal entries documenting the experiences and moments found to be inspiring, the people that incite our gratitude for living, the places we find extraordinary, and the directions we find ourselves going in. For privacy reasons, a majority of these journals will be made private (but accessible with a distributed password, available upon request).

Read, share, and enjoy.