Dear Companies, a TL;DR of My Life

Here’s my story.

◎ Grows up weird, like, really weird. Writes short stories about wizards, talking penguins, and intelligent mushrooms. Composes short songs and uploads terrible music videos to YouTube. His friends approve of it all and keep him around (a mystery unsolved).

◎ Lives a pleasant high school career in a community of friendly faces, around whom he creates a 20 minute long “senior video”. Writes 80% of his high school yearbook and thinks he’s “stressed”, doing everything kids do to get into college.

◎ Goes out of the country on his own for the first time, trots around Nicaragua for a month, and acquires the infamous travel bug.

◎ Moves to a little paradise tucked on the outskirts of Santa Barbara and studies psychology at UCSB. Learns about what he loves the most, people: how they think, feel, and make decisions. Takes a lot of art classes and random upper divisions.

◎ Moves to Sweden for a year and studies neuroscience, learning the biology behind human experience. Meets an incredible amount of wholesome people, more than his sentimental mind can handle. Travels to 17 different countries. Makes short videos. Takes thousands of pictures on his iPhone. Quite possibly feels more love and joy than ever before.

◎ Travels solo around Asia for three months, meeting more incredibly wholesome people. Somewhat abuses the camera on his iPhone. Makes short videos for restaurants and hotels to fund his trip.

◎ Returns to California and purchases his first “real camera”. Spends the last year at university diving in waves, running around with friends, and creating videos in a small attempt to communicate the joys of being young. Travels a lot.

◎ Somewhere along the way, decides what little him decided before paths, degrees, and scholarships molded the minds of young people like himself. Recognizes that his passions are beyond the remedy of postponing, and decides to pursue a career in media.

◎ Wins a lot of honors and awards for psychological research and university service. “A perfect portfolio for any graduate program”. Enticed but not endeared. Talks to a lot of creative people. Pursues freelance video work for different organizations.

◎ Dreams of an environment where people collaborate on creative projects for a variety of industries. Learns that his daydreams resemble the advertising world. Applies to a lot of jobs. Spends the last few months cherishing that little paradise known as college.

◎ Graduates. Says “see ya later” to his family of friends (& family of relatives). An odd time of heavy hearts and enthused excitement. Books a flight to New York. Saves the rest of his funds for the tussle with the Big Apple. Welcomes the tussle, bruises and all.

◎ Flies and moves to NYC. Meets a lot of agencies. Meets a lot of people. Hears that he’s liked, but has no experience. Continues to meet, network, and attend. Lives at free events and off of free food. Goes to plan B, then C, then D, then E.

◎ Learns that the tussle is more of a tidal wive. Commits to swimming. Swallows some salt water here and there. Trusts that the harsh minerals are good for you.

◎ Works, listens, and confirms his early suspicions. He wants to be a copywriter. Plans ahead according to internship end-dates and famishing piggy banks. Gets back on the grind towards finding full-time.

◎ Bobs up and down like a rollercoaster – one he’d rather be riding than not. Hopes someone has the courage to take a chance on him – one chance is all he needs.

◎ *

(*The pen is in your hand.)


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Moments made of people and places, brilliant and ordinary. ↹ Planet Earth, Milky Way

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