People Are Different

Know something funny?

People are different.

Even though we’re all the same in so many ways, and share a million threads of similarity, we are all different.

Not different to the extent that our differences are worth fighting, shunning, or judging over. Just to the extent that I’m sometimes surprised.

I think, to some subconscious extent, my entire life I’ve thought that everyone shared the same brain. The same core philosophies, the same love for doing things.

But sometimes, now, I feel crazy, because I realize that other people don’t love doing the same things. At least not to the extent I used to expect them to.

I realized that I am always the one doing things for other people, while others might question or show apprehension.

I am always the one planning things for our friends’ birthdays. The one bringing up a cause we can donate to. The one treating my friends for dinner, sharing my food, or buying people drinks.

The one forgiving, forgetting, and not giving a damn about the small things that won’t matter in a week, a month, a year, a decade.

The one making sure that someone else isn’t paying, whether it’s my best friend’s accommodation on a trip I planned for our whole group, or a friend I just met.

At first, upon realizing this, I would feel kind of upset.

Thinking that other people did not see how giving and sharing and loving endlessly was worth every minute surrendered and every cent contributed.

But in a short amount of time, I realized there is no reason to be upset.

Different things make different people happy. Different beliefs make sense to different people. But ultimately, we are all respected (or should be).

To me, it makes sense to be the person who is always giving, or sacrificing, or being “extra”.

Giving makes me happy.

Taking care of other people makes me happy.

Generosity means everything, whereas gluttony means nothing

For my own experience, saving a penny for a friend versus saving a penny for myself really holds no difference. But for that friend, it does hold a difference – so why would I not save a penny for them?

I’m sure some of my friends think I’m crazy.

Maybe I give to the extent that I’ll have nothing to give in the future.

Maybe I seem naive, or irresponsible, or contradictory (since I am constantly finding ways to save money or refraining from buying things for myself).

But for me, not having a cent to give at the end of my life means I am giving more than I could ever at the moment – means that I am the happiest I could potentially be, because the people around me are, the people who meant (and mean) a lot to me were, and the people I continue to meet will be.

I actually can’t explain how happy it makes me.

To see my friends smile, to see that they KNOW they are cared for. That they KNOW they are worth the world, because they are.

In the end, you do what makes you happy. You don’t try to change people, you don’t try to follow people (unless you truly want to follow in their steps).

You do you however you does best.


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