Forever Fun, Forever Young (April 2017)

Life will never be like this again.

Weird, huh?

But it’s a fact.

Life will never be like this again.

I guess that’s not the point though, for things to remain the same.

The point is for us to find joy, meaning, learning out of every experience, moment, and era we live.

Lessons that allow us to continue finding joy, meaning, and learning out of every period in life we lead. High school – college – young adulthood – the list goes on.

Life will never be like this again.

I guess it’s not a fact.

Fun? Exhilarating? Connecting? Ecstatic? Exciting? Fulfilling? Loving?

Life will always be like that.

I would reflect more, think more, write more. But these last few weeks of college will be exactly that, all that: reflecting, enjoying, celebrating.

There aren’t enough words in the world.

Maybe: I love life. Life loves us.

A p r i l  🗣

*End of Canada trip, Deltopia, UCSB/IV lit as hell A.K.A. going to an event/drinking/socializing every day & night, Coachella, Parent Landshark weekend

*Beginning of our last quarter at UCSB :0, drinking every day… So much fun, such beautiful weather! Ah!!!

*Becoming more realistic with my creative goals

*Narrowing down my career interests for next year, applying to jobs with a REAL resume (1 page) and REAL cover letter

*Still not really hearing back from jobs and considering radical alternatives

*Loving my house, my friends, every moment of this life in Isla Vista 🙂

Week 1

  • Taking the ferry back to Vancouver, BEAUTIFUL… Driving to a hike in ___ park — BEAUTIFUL OH MY GOD, the moss the trees the waterfalls… Vancouver wow… Dancing at the Airbnb and drinking, going out to eat at MEET, pub crawl afterwards, Katie keeping me sane
  • Biking around Stanley park wow oh my freaking god it’s beautiful, I need to live in Vancouver … the water, the people, the families, the nature, the city… tandem bike… Eating and exploring… Finding a model for a living condo and imagining myself in the future… Along all of this, thinking about the next steps — living in Copenhagen, Denmark, just go for it
  • Making the commute back home, flying from Vancouver to LAX with Shauna and Rachel, us being dead but laughing at ourselves along the way :), taking Joe out to lunch as a thank you for driving us to the airport/hosting us, feeling WONDERFUL coming back home to California – this will always, always, always be a home of mine… Being excited to go back to IV, sleeping
  • Grabbing tacos and beer with Shauna, Mals, Gabby, and others, planning to take edibles & watch Power Rangers Movie at the theater but getting too tired, just sitting with Shauna and sorting through Canada photos, sleeping!
  • Driving to Goleta beach, walking around campus and talking to Halley – can’t believe she’s going to go to Lund next year!!! Wow!!!!! 🙂 I miss Sweden so much, what an experience and a life to live… Going home, going for a run in BEAUTIFUL ISLA VISTA, I love this place, walking around and meeting up with Olive, walking to Sands and talking about life, her trip to Taiwan/Hong Kong (I really want to go to Hong Kong now), and jobs… Getting home, going to Woodstocks for pint night, going to Aladdin’s/Gio’s/Dublins, drinking with Ashley, Hannah, Jack, Jackie, the house + friends 🙂
  • Walking to campus and doing work at the music lib, going to Health Psych with Mallory & Shau, walking home afterwards with M&S delusional and dead haha, walking back home on this beautiful day and facetiming Grace to see when she’ll be down for Deltopia, running into friends and Collin, working with the door open 🙂 cool fresh ocean air… I love this life so much… Drinking beer/making dinner/playing music with Nug, going downtown with Olive, Jack, & Nug and meeting Ashley at the contemporary art museum cocktail night (lol), making paper flowers, going around downtown for beers and then going to Sharkeez and seeing EVERYONE – so lit, so many friends! Going to Jack’s Cafe for drinks and meeting up with Shauna/Ian/Syd, going to O’malley’s and seeing Monica, Connor, Paul, Art Vikulov, and more! SO MANY FRIENDS GODDAMN I’M GOING TO MISS IT SO MUCH… Getting back and passing out on the couch hahaha
  • Scootering to campus in my turquoise running shoes lawl, going to class and leaving an hour early b/c I’m dropping it… Walking back home and loving I.V. so damn much, cloudy but beautiful day, seeing randoms skateboard around with furniture, one guy skateboard trolleying his friend’s car… IV I LOVE YOU SO MUCH… Going for a run, biking around in the rain w/ Grace/Shauna/Grace’s friend Camille, visiting Connor with Ian, going with Shau/Camille/Grace/Ian to Albertson’s and picking up champagne, OJ, bailey’s for Deltopia morning, making brownies and popcorn with the crew (everyone and Collin) and j-chillin’, sleeping over
  • WAKING UP! DELTOPIA! SO MUCH HYPE, walking home from Shauna’s and seeing peeps already out and about, waking up Emily, going to Olivia’s and waking everyone up with morning beers, dancing around… Going to Collin’s for morning mimosas/coffee + Baileys, partying it up, seeing Ashley, everyone, Ben, Ben’s house, everyone coming over to Ben’s/Collin’s and partying partying partying, so happy 🙂 everyone is so happy 🙂 sunny and beautiful and seaside!!! I LOVE OUR SCHOOL SO MUCH, playing dope music, getting way too drunk, feeding everyone wine/shots, gallivanting around IV and going to Pirate, going on the roof with Mallory and searching for alcohol (while blacked out), going to Monica’s and trolling around lol, going back to Shauna’s and dying, half resurrecting and going to Connor’s to drink more, but instead tapping out and dying at home
  • Waking up, going to Java to study with Shauna, thrift shopping, going back to her place to chill with Ian, smoking + painting, playing spike ball, watching the sunset with Ashley/Shau/Ian/Nick/Maia, going to Albertson’s to get morning mimosa supplies (again hahahaha) + snacks, watching a movie together

Week 2

  • MORNING MIMOSAS but pretty much no one came, Mallory coming 15 minutes early and standing by herself lololol, going with Ian and Mals and Mai to visit Shauna at Java Station after mimosas, turning up in the car, driving back on a beautiful day and chilling with Ian, then going to campus… Running errands and then chilling at home with Ian, watching sunset with Ian & Shauna, going downtown to a free concert at Red Piano along w/ Sydney, Aaron, Bridget, & Nug, dancing, getting free drinks from the artist’s manager! Loving the GUACAMOLE song, doing a can-can line XD… Chilling back at Shauna’s, sleeping over
  • Studying at Coffee Bean with Ian, running errands/getting oil changed (and getting kind of ripped off apparently haha), going to McDonald’s to wait with Ian, running more errands… Going home & preparing for Shauna’s surprise Ph.D party, going to surprise Connor for a late birthday with Ian & Shauna & Maia, playing Taboo and eating carrot cake, meeting up with Grace & Alex (visiting for Shauna’s Ph.D party), watching the sunset/stalling for the party, surprising Shauna (she tries to run away hahaha), eating BOMB tacos and BOMB magic bars at Shauna’s Ph.D party, finishing up and walking to downtown I.V. to buy food with Shau, Grace, & Ian, singing old school bangers together, talking to Ian about Maia/Shauna, walking back with the squad
  • Studying at Caje with Shauna, going downtown to do yoga, studying a bit at Roasting Co., going to Crossroads to buy shoes for Chella and spending $106 on everything… Going to Yogurtland, full on TREAT YOSELF DAY hahaha… PACKING FOR CHELLA / Studying at home while the house does a half-power hour, seeing Aaron, Bridget, & Nug get back from drinking in downtown IV
  • Waking up early and studying at Java Station with Shau, going on a short run at home, drinking beers with Aaron/spending time with the house and their visiting fams… Putting beer in a water bottle and taking it to my research meeting lol, leaving early, driving to CHELLAAAAA, being AMAZED at the Desert Princess houses and this mansion of a place (with pool, spa, etc.), digging Ashley’s friends
  • COACHELLA DAY 1!!!: Pregaming at the enormous and dope house, sitting outside in the spa, chilling out, drinking more, trying to coordinate with Duncan/Grace/Collin… COACHELLA! BIG GIGANTIC! MEETING UP WITH JACKIE AT GLASS ANIMALS at sunset and meeting her friend who went to school in Taiwan with her, sharing alcohol, finding Ashley and others for Mac Miller… Phone being stolen :(, trying to find it, having a bad time, then seeing some of Phantogram, trying to find it again, going to a random inside venue with some old band playing, sitting down and thinking about parents, grandparents, having these experiences, etc…. Getting weirdly emotional and happy, sitting down and taking a rest, getting up to go see Empire of the Sun… BUT INSTEAD going to DoLab before and seeing THE BEST CONCERT OF MY FREAKING LIFE, DANCING ALONE 🙂 smiling so much and having a fucking blast (Haywyre)… Going to CAPITAL CITIES and having a blast, so good live!!! :))) Walking around Coachella, seeing all the lights, loving life… Wanting all of the attractive, shirtless people to fuck me
  • COACHELLA DAY 2!!! Ashley being hilarious/drunk in the morning, splitting off and meeting up with GRACE! 🙂 Spending a beautiful day with Grace walking around to different artists, seeing the incredible Local Natives, HEAD & THE HEART (with an incredible woman singing), so lit at MURA MASA!!! Drinking a lot of alcohol with bomb lemonade (1 cup lemonade, 1 cup ice!), talking and dancing :), seeing Bon Iver (amazing), dancing around to Pompeii by Bastille, gigging at the DO LAB, eating avocado/chips, running into Danny & Scott, riding the Ferris Wheel and making Ferris Wheel friends – awesome older vegan guys who travel a bunch and meditate a lot, one guy who was a professional poker player, riding the ferris wheel with them & hanging out with them afterwards… Fucking everything up and saying “WHAT” and then blowing my nose, saying goodbye for a second time and not being acknowledged lololol, walking around the campgrounds at night with Grace, seeing Camille’s friends sing throwback songs in their car :), Grace making nasty ass camp food (quesadilla w/ salami) and proceeding to eat a sausage that fell on the ground wrapped in salami, sharing once sleeping bag with Grace
  • COACHELLA DAY 3!!!!!!!!! WOW, sleeping over at Grace’s tent and waking up to the warm desert sun, hanging out with Grace’s tent, walking over to Mike’s tent and seeing the boys, walking over to surfer Jake’s tent and seeing Jordan and  Jake, other homie G’s… Running into David Burkow and Kelly Harris! David was sleeping in the tent next to me haha, small world… Walking around barefoot :), washing our hair with water and shampoo, going to the arts tents and making a necklace, pins, little Coachella wood signs… Hanging out at Grace’s tent and hardcore drinking, sharing vodka with all the Cal Poly peeps, loving them, giving one guy a pin, writing in the Coachella book lololol super hammered spewing my appreciation for the Cal Poly peeps after losing everyone else, being freaking belligerent and making people drink wine… Walking into the festival, needing to pee, trying to stealth pee and peeing all over myself, changing in front of EVERYONE at the entrance (butt naked)… Grace leaving to get her phone, us both being pretty much blacked out, leaving on my own and going to Whethan/Bearson, dancing my ASS OFF, walking around and finding Tenaya’s friends from UCSD at Coachella, staying with them and taking my Molly lololol, then finding Collin, Steve, & them, hanging for a bit then going off on my own to Honne, LITERALLY DANCING MY ASS OFF, rolling pretty hard… Walking around and smiling so damn much, Coachella is freaking incredible… Going to see Porter & Madeon and finding Ashley and everyone! Dancing dancing dancing, such a good set and both of them have BEAUTIFUL voices who knew, Porter & Madeon getting real emotional and making it the best set ever… Splitting up with everyone and going to Jai Wolf, such an amazing set with so much space to dance in the front, going ham :), catching the end of Galantis… Going to see Justice, SO FREAKING GOOD OH MY GOD dancing the hardest I have ever danced in my life, all on my own… Catching some of Kendrick :), going home with the crew, half asleep and dead, Ashley driving and staying awake by singing… Tired and half asleep in the car, thinking about how special this is, how this, this youth and these experiences with friends and loved ones, are going to be the memories we cherish for the rest of our freaking lives… How this is not replaceable, not repeatable, these moments we experience are literally everything… Getting home at 4:30AM and going to bed, after not eating anything pretty much all weekend

Week 3

  • Waking up dead, sleeping more… Trying to do work at home and then going to Goleta Coffee Shop with Olivia, catching up 🙂 so happy to see her and talk about life, talking about her job at WMA lined up and her move out to L.A. soon, how crazy things are and the past… *I love my friends and I love my life… Googling if molly can kill me and if I’m dying because I feel so bad… Getting the BEST sandwich and smoothie at Goleta Coffee Shop then going to Albertson’s and getting potatoes and a kombucha hahaha, getting home and sleeping, then waking up and walking over to Olivia’s in the foggy AF Isla Vista weather, walking to Hannah’s together and hanging out on her couch, talking :), going home and doing some work (not really), hanging out with the house
  • Waking up more refreshed than the day before, going to the sprint store and figuring out my options, going to study at the public library and figuring out my finances (I’m broke), stressing out a lot about life/school/everything, there is so much to do and so much to figure out amidst trying to enjoy the time we are in right now… Refocusing myself and feeling better… Seeing people on DP :), god I love this place… Getting home and playing some music, talking to Grace about her donation to the taxi driver at Coachella and mutually understanding that money is not everything, and never will be… *Life is more than money, we are capable of such amazing things and have to remember that in the end we will be better than okay, we can take care of ourselves AND others… Hanging out with the house :), going over to Hannah’s and studying/eating cookies, seeing Cloughesy on my way in!!!! Talking with Han and chilling… Getting home to Nug watching TV 🙂
  • Meeting with Dr. Kim and stressing the F out over this honors thesis, wow there is so much work to do and I committed to so many things just because they are prestigious/I worked towards them… Researching graduate programs in creative management and thinking about the future… Managing my priorities for this last quarter at UCSB: ENJOYING IT, pushing back things to the summer and setting my alarm to wake up at 6:20 every morning in order to do my work, exercise, and be free in the evenings… Seeing Jack and Rebecca at the gym :)… Making the group on Facebook (kim possible themed haha) to plan Olivia & Jack’s birthday surprise in May… Hanging out with Drew & Loy, wanting to go to pint night but trying to be responsible, instead going over to Rebecca’s for a movie, eating brownies, then going back home & hanging out with Nug, Loy, and Bridget 🙂 (not doing any work hahaha ahhhh fuck), *I love this place, this time, everyone… I LOVE IT ALL SO FUCKING MUCH I WANT TO PLAY FOREVER AND LIVE BY THE OCEAN AND WALTZ AROUND WARM WEATHER IN DOPE AND COMFORTABLE CLOTHES this is living
  • GETTING A PHONE AGAIN WOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH!!!!!! *Being connected to the internet is such a special thing that should not be overlooked, yes getting wrapped up in technology can be bad, but the amount of connection and creative outlets associated with being online is incredible (ALSO, MUSIC)… Being very happy, hanging out at home a bit with Meg & Drew then going to Equilibrium cafe to study with Shauna & Mallory, studying for a while, making 4/20 plans (liiiiit), seeing Miranda! Biking back home in the evening and passing by Monica & friends eating, passing by Nug & the house going to PMH to start the loop… Texting peeps about drinking/smoking tonight :)… Going for a BEAUTIFUL RUN… Getting home and making a dope dinner, drinking beers & listening to music, Olivia coming over and hanging out for a while, Meg getting home and all of us taking shots then going to meet up with everyone at Dublin’s, Jackie + Jack joining, drinking beers, seeing other friends (Robyn, Ben’s Austin, Emma Maul), seeing the rest of the house and Bridget being drunk AF hahaha, going to Jack’s with Meg, Olive, & Jackie and taking edibles, going home and watching TV, Olivia passing out stone cold on our couch
  • BEAUTIFUL DAY AGAIN! 🙂 Waking up at 6:20AM to study at home, going to Caje Coffee to meet up and study with Shauna/Mallory, going to the bathroom in Pardall and a random guy saying hello, :), biking to the Career Center and getting my resume/cover letter checked — REALIZING I APPLIED TO SO MANY JOBS, PROBABLY AROUND 100, WITH TERRIBLE MATERIALS (resume/cover letter) WOW WHAT A WASTE OF TIME, I could use some less naivety… Going ocean rafting with Meg & her friend, Jack, Jackie, Olive, and Sean 🙂 beautiful day wow, being out and about with everyone else out and about, all the rafts on the ocean, drinking beers on the water, taking the raft back in and EATING SHIT/getting destroyed by a wave after Jack directs us the wrong way with the surf board lololol, everyone on the beach talking/asking how it was, oh I.V. and the friendly community!… Walking back and seeing Ben on the way, going to PMH with Ben, Olive, Jack, Jackie & Sven and running into Tommy Tyler and Evan Wu, all sitting together/drinking beers, eating someone’s leftover pizza with Sven and Ben… Going to Olivia’s and hanging out/drinking more (good margaritas by Olive’s Ben)… Random party then home, bombarding Nug with Aaron
  • Waking up at 6:20AM again 🙂 studying/doing work/applying to jobs… Everyone doing fun things!!! The weather being beautiful ah!!! (Turned down beer die/LAX game, Earth Day, dayger with Ashley… 😦 I want to do it all though) *FUCK APPLYING TO JOBS… Going to the LAX game and watching Drew and the team win by 1 point! With the house and Bridge and more peeps, sunny beautiful day :), going to the gym & coming home, making a smoothie, hanging with Kat, the others getting back from drinking in IV & going out rafting 🙂 I love this place so much, I’m surrounded by loving, incredible people… Going to meet Jack at Woodstocks, talking and chilling, going to meet Aaron, Kat, Sean, & Bridget at Sam’s To Go and eating the rest of Aaron’s sandwich (+ some beer :D)… Biking to Campbell hall to get a free book on how to solve Global Warming, seeing Grace shortly, biking back home and getting ready for the plaid senior party at LAX with the house… Going to Tyler’s (LAX friend) to drink/pregame, chilling with the whole house, going to the LAX party, grabbing Jack from his place (2 seconds away) with Meg, thinking “wow, this is incredible, our best friends are literally our neighbors”… Getting turnt, wine, beer, beer die on the sandpit, Olivia, Ben, Jackie, Deena, & Hannah joining in on the fun :), eating hot cheetos, Ferg being so fucked up and Kat swaying around hahaha… Walking home with Hannah, stopping at the beach and looking at the water, walking to the caves… Talking about her past year, her relationship w/ Freddie, feelings of loneliness, me reassuring that I will always be there for her, we will always be there for her, the friendships we had abroad will always hold significance
  • Waking up hungover with the rest of the house… Meeting Hannah at Goleta beach, BEAUTIFUL DAY the water is amazing… Talking for 3 hours about life, her life, her future, relationships, what the hell you’re supposed to do in hard situations and tough decisions, talking about her moving to Sweden… *I want to see all of my friends succeed, and it hurts to imagine them having problems, issues, suffering that I have no control over, that they will be suffering and succeeding in different places (as we all will be, without each other)….. I love my friends so much and simply want them to find joy… Returning home, hanging out with the house/getting ready to CAMP, driving to Refugio beach with the house and meeting Nug & Emma, walking on the beach and drinking beer 🙂 exploring the bluffs, playing spike ball and drinking more beer… Watching the sunset (with more beer) and Aaron’s drone, taking pictures, going back and cooking food on the campfire, cookies, marshmallows… Huddling in Kat’s car because the SAVAGE wind is relentless, drinking wine, going to bed

Week 4

  • Waking up in the early morning to drive home with Kat, Aaron, & Bridget, the sun rising 🙂 what a special time in our lives… Showering and getting ready for the day, everyone tidying up and going about their days… Going to the library to study, meeting up with Jackie :), seeing Grace shortly and talking/catching up, biking home… Walking with Shauna to sands and seeing the sunset, going to the Co Op to get snacks, doing “work” at her place/eating
  • Waking up in the early AM, doing work in our house on our couch :), watching the rest of the house wake up, going to the gym before taking my Health Psych midterm that I studied 1 hour for and went to none of the classes for (hahaha), grabbing beers at PMH and studying with Shauna, Mal, & Olive after the midterm… Going home and cooking dinner, walking with Olive around IV afterwards, talking about life – how crazy it is that we’re growing up, that we’ll be leaving Isla Vista, that we won’t have this freedom or time to play anymore (as much), talking about how silly it is to ever stress or be unhappy with our situations, because when we look back on these times we will think about how much fun, freedom, and youth we had… Studying at home/applying to jobs with Olive and Meg, Meg hanging out 🙂
  • Waking up in the early AM again, doing work and watching the house rise again, spending time with Meg and Nug, being happy, productive, loved… Going to meet with Dr. Kim about honors thesis, ahhhhhhh stress (not really, I know it’s nothing to be stressed about, I just have to do it, but I’m pretty over psychology/research)… *Why did I do this project, I knew I was interested in it, but something about ambition and challenge always gets me to pursue things I wouldn’t otherwise… Going to the gym, biking my ass off b/c it feels good, seeing Rebecca, biking home without my glasses on b/c sweaty head and running into the branches of a tree hahahahahaha… Hanging out at home, feeling weird about life, graduation, leaving everyone… Visiting Ashley, spending some time together, biking back home, searching for a show about life after graduation, reading up on Reddit about life after graduation (hahaha), watching the Netflix original LOVE with chocolate :)/applying to jobs
  • Meg giving a wake up room call to go to the senior breakfast, driving with Meg to the senior breakfast (pancakes + the senior shirt), seeing Justin & Damian & Julie & Michael Boyers… Getting back home, wearing our shirts together, chilling with Meg and Kat and playing Mario Kart 🙂 *I love every aspect of this time in our lives, the feeling of youth, the sound of the ocean, of Meghan playing Mario Kart, of living in a house full of our friends – 8 amazing people, I love this so much, I love Isla Vista, I love college… Getting home and chilling out, going with Loy, Bridget, Sean, Kat, & Nut on a spontaneous sunset Lizard’s Mouth visit, feeling great in a car full of friends as the sun bursts through the horizon :), driving through the beautiful Santa Barbara mountains, singing along to songs… *Driving in a car full of friends is a feeling like nothing else, a feeling of youth and joy and living… SUNSET AT LIZARD’S MOUTH! So beautiful, drinking beers with great, awesome friends who all live in one awesome house :), standing at the top of the rock with Sean and battling the fierce gusts of wind, taking awesome photos and Insta stories, shotgunning a beer with Nug & Sean at the top of the rock and having beer spray everywhere :), loving life… Watching TV/studying at home with Nug
  • Rising, interviewing for Publicis Media Training Program… Chilling/doing work on the couch and couch bed in the fam room, planning a grocery list for the parent landshark weekend(!) with Meg & Kat, making the final tidy up revisions to the house/room before all of our parents get here… *What a feeling! To be preparing to entertain our parents altogether, all good friends under one roof, being adults and preparing a weekend for our parents :)… *Our house is actually incredible, this place is incredible… Living in an awesomely self-furnished house with all of your friends, a full kitchen, space, lighting, ON THE OCEAN, wow… Going to give my undergraduate research SLAM presentation after preparing for one hour (hahaha), giving my presentation in a room full of people who actually care and prepared for their talk (literally sounding like TED talks, hahahaahahha ahhhh fuck me), texting Nug and laughing at myself, getting an email from the Deans of the College of L&S awarding me a commencement award (given to 1 senior out of the entire college!) and also laughing at the fact that I’m bombing a presentation while receiving that email… Making the final touches to the house before all the parents get here :), playing music and chilling out, having Maia come over/feeling weird, talking to Shauna on the phone and feeling better… Going downtown to see Halley/driving her friends, running into other alumni (Ilanko) and my house and their rents… Driving to Carpinteria to see my parents after they got in, eating at Rusty’s pizzeria :), going home and seeing Nug, Nug freaking out about my commencement award (looking it up and finding out what it is for me hahaha), talking about how different we are form our parents but how that is 100% okay, we love them and appreciate them so much… The rest of the house getting home turnt, going to bed at 2AM
  • Waking up at 8AM to prep for the landshark, rising all the other peeps (except Aaron who stayed in bed hahaha), prepping the BBQ food and landshark drinks with the house + Jack Johnson playing :), Bridget picking up coffee and bagels and cream cheese for everyone, mixing the sangria, different cars dispersing downtown, trying to find my parents/Meg trying to find hers at the landshark, everyone getting together and getting on!!! Parents mingling :), Auntie Mary, Mom, & Dad enjoying themselves, meeting all of the house’s parents, drinking drinking drinking, laughing and smiling with everyone 🙂 looking at Meg at the other end of the boat and laughing really hard because this is awesome, talking to Nug’s Mom, Bridget’s Mom, Aaron’s Dad, various parents about what we’re all doing and getting the same advice (GO FOR IT – whatever it is that you think you want to try, go for it), the water being bright green and blue, so so so beautiful… Going back to the house with some parents (mine going to the funk zone first), setting up the barbecue and drinking beers, showing everyone the deck, my fam arriving and showing them Isla Vista/our house/our deck… Mom, Dad, and Auntie Mary being AMAZED, really reinforcing the fact that living here is such a special experience that we will inevitably look back on with so much joy… Drinking/eating, playing games with our parents, teaching them gaucho ball and flip cup :), having a BLAST on our deck, Dad getting so into Gauchoball and Sean’s Dad getting so into beer die, Meg’s Dad K.O.’d in the chair… Dad asking me what I want for a graduation gift, me saying I don’t need ANYTHING *My parents have given me everything and we all owe our parents so much… Peeps stopping by (Jack & friend, Jeremy, Dom, Halley & Sunna)… Going downtown with Halley on bill’s bus and making us drink champagne and beer (why do I do this to myself…)
  • Waking up/sleeping more, hanging out with Meg in the family room :)… Going to breakfast at Anna’s Bakery with the rents, telling them that I don’t plan to move home after graduation (don’t have a plan, but figuring it out), Dad/Mom telling me how much fun they had, how proud they are about the commencement award, Dad asking me if I had a good time at UCSB – YES 110% *UCSB is literally the best school in the world, gives the best experience… There is no place or time or lifestyle like there is in Isla Vista… Going back home, working on media stuff/playing music, feeling free and appreciative that I live here and am able to experience this time in my life… Going on a bike ride around I.V. and to the cliffs at Sands, seeing Julie and others, running into Diana/Courtney, biking along the bluffs on a BEAUTIFUL day playing Jack Johnson on my phone… Stopping at Jack’s house and catching up… Walking to see the sunset with Mals & Shauna, seeing Julie & others… Walking on the streets of I.V. – WOW I LOVE THIS PLACE… Going back home and chilling out with Bridget & Aaron, going to the gym with Jack, going to grab frozen yogurt with Loy & Bridget & Sarah 🙂

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Moments made of people and places, brilliant and ordinary. ↹ Planet Earth, Milky Way

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