3 Fundamentals (March 2017)

I love this life. I am lucky to live it, every part of it.

I think there are three key things we need to focus on if we are to live a life we are proud of, love, and look forward to living every day.

  1. Do things that are worthwhile, things that are unconventional, things that challenge your daily state of being, security, or comfort, things that mingle you with other people and other places, things that make you EXCITED and APPRECIATIVE when you look back on them, things that redefine your dreams and values of living with each and every experience you divulge in.
  2. Be happy in your own skin, your own place, and your own situation. Across variations of fun, convenience, or ecstasy – we can find a stable sense of happiness with ourselves if we focus on the fact that the life we are living is passing with each and every minute, and every moment that passes deserves to be approached with gratitude. We can be our own heroes by showing ourselves compassion, and by living to better ourselves every day.
  3. Dedicate your life to others. Find out who the people around you are, your friends, your best friends, your housemates, your neighbors, the people you work with and pass by on your morning walks. Be interested, in every situation you are in, be interested, to know the people that make up this world. Because they make up us – it is our ancestors who got us here, their friends and their mentors, your parents and the people who helped them out in their lives. You see? We are all connected. We all have a duty to one another to be good, to show love, to reciprocate compassion, and by doing so can find enormous fulfillment and never-ending gratitude that fills us up so much we might constantly find ourselves smiling.



M a r c h 🗣

*Post Mardi Gras, Santa Catalina Island, Canada

*Syrian refugee advocacy

*Revamped job search/adobe portfolio

Week 1

  • Spending the day after Mardi Gras bonanza dead with Tenaya, making breakfast in the morning and then chilling in her room trying to do work (FUCK PSYCHOLOGY AND WOODS AND BROMBERG, very over school and being forced to care about things that 1) do not matter to me and 2) do not matter at all, in real life)… Tenaya convincing me to go to  and San Diego with her, LOLOL I am not a real person, “I don’t trust myself to do work while traveling, after two years I have realized how scum I truly am ……. No I should really learn how to do work on the road I’ll go”, texting Drew asking if I should go & him responding “Will you graduate? If yes travel lol” I love my friends… Getting sushi/Japanese for dinner with Mary & Tenaya
  • San diegoooo! Long ass drive, dope Mexican food (Cali burrito), dope brewery (Ballast Point), Tenaya’s chill friends who I can definitely vibe with… Pregaming and ubering with a dude who sounded like the Lucky Charms guy, going out to bars/dancing the night away, staying at C Viddy’s
  • Bomb barbecue in San Diego with Tenaya & friend Ding, picking up booze on the way home on a beautiful day, San Diego is DOOOPE, really large area with beautiful views and lots of stuff to do (but we just go home and start drinking again ha ha ha trash people)… Watching League of Legends tournament, so weird, what the hell is this… Playing Mortal Combat (drinking game) and titties (another drinking game)… Going over to Tenaya’s friends/going out
  • Long drive back to Pasadena… Getting back to Tenaya’s for the baby shower with fam already there, talking with Matt/Steve about real life and how none of me or my friends know what we’re doing hahaha, falling asleep with Tenaya on her comfy bed, waking up & eating bomb food and spending time with the fam + Lukaaaaaa! 🙂
  • Doing work / spending the day with Tenaya and Auntie Mary, bomb egg/fried rice breakfast and more good food, ordering pizza like the trash people we are… Driving back to I.V. & seeing Meg, Drew, Loy, & Bridge
  • *I am so, so, so blessed to live this life, to have so many experiences and know so many amazing people – such wonderful family, friends, places I get to live (I.V., UCSB, everything)… Regardless of how confusing life can be, especially as a young adult, we have to remember how lucky we are, how privileged and how wonderful our lives amount to be

Week 2

  • House fam :), being back in beautiful IV with so much life, so many friends, really really really going to miss this place
  • “Studying” with Dunc, meeting Hannah/Rebecca/Jack in the library, getting back home & having a beer with the house, going to alternative yoga with Shauna
  • Maya’s care package full of candy and GAINOMAX! Video chatting with Maya for a bit, watching the sunset w/ the Sweden squad… calling mom and talking to her about life/upsets, hearing great advice about intentions of work and lifestyle (bigger picture, contributing to a cause)… studying at Maia’s and sleeping over
  • Making slow cooker oatmeal/doing work… Kayaking with Ashley, THE WATER IS SO CALM AND THE WEATHER IS SO NICE… Going to the lib with Ash, watching game of thrones after with Loy & Bridge
  • Studying with Shauna, walking around campus WOW IT IS SO NICE OUT AND BEAUTIFUL
  • Going to dogshit and reading with blankets and a lollipop haha :)), the ocean right in front of me… Rebecca & Jack showing up, cooking dinner for Olive and talking for days about life… Smoking with Olive & Jack and watching New Girl
  • Studying with Jack @ music library, getting home after a long day of editing my online portfolio & hanging out/eating with Loy & Bridget, the sun is setting! So many things to do and friends to see… Going over to Shauna’s and seeing Ian, going downtown with Shauna & Maia to see Grace for her birthday, hanging out with Grace/Brian/Ashley at Break Point bar and playing pool, going to Imperial bar
  • *My heart is full and I love this place, this time in my life, all of it so much
  • Hiking 7 Falls with Jack, Nug, and Nug’s friend, going a sketch climbing route (not an actual trail) up the mountain, scaling back down to the actual falls, chilling at the best spot above the 3 pools, jumping from the small waterfall… Playing WEAK (we are weak though), meeting Shauna at Carson’s day party, Lily’s tacos! Going over to Connor’s birthday party at the Ranch, meeting some peeps and taking pickle juice shots… Back to Carson’s, meeting up with Olivia & drinking champagne at home, chilling at Sands… Going to sushi/sake bombs at Goleta Sushi House with Ben/Monica & friends + Jack, Jackie, Olive, Monica’s car battery dying in I.V., jump starting it and making it to sushi/debaucle of no seats… Owner brings out 3 free sake jugs and instructs Monica & Ben to kiss for long love, teaches us how to drink sake out of a pipe teapot (references weed & getting high hahaha), gets a little weird and shows us how to poison people with a ring and take advantage of them .. . . Back to Monica’s, drinking tequila at my place, pregaming at Ben’s, parties parties parties
  • Waking up to a half eaten pop tart and other shit in front of me on my couch, Bridget coming out and complaining that she blacked out last night… Oh being young!… Going to study at the library with a breakfast burrito from Shauna, going home & watching Tomorrowland documentary, going on a walk with Hannah and Olive

Week 3

  • Grabbing groceries/getting the monthly haircut at SB Cosmetology, beautiful SB is blue and sunny! IV is foggy as hell haha… Going to class with a saved seat next to Hannah & Dunc, going to the lib with Hannah & planning the Canada trip for me and my frans… Staying up till 2AM with PSY 120L fam doing our presentation, going to bed with news of Halley getting into University of Copenhagen
  • WAKING UP TO NEWS THAT KEVIN IS GETTING MARRIED IN JULY and HANNAH GOT INTO UNIVERSITY OF COPENHAGEN… ELATION AND JUST WEIRD FEELINGS OF REAL LIFE! Calling Kev and talking about his proposal, etc.!!! :)… SHAUNA GOT THE CHANCELLOR’S SCHOLARSHIP WOW!… My bike was stolen hahaha, scootering to campus & everywhere else, seeing Robyn (old manager) at the Rec Cen – such a sweet lady! She remembers everything, even about my abroad experiences… Grabbing supplies from H&W and meeting with Trevor Coopersmith to make the banner for the Syria Solidarity demonstration… Going to the lib with Jack, studying with Jack, Hannah, & Jackie — I love my friends
  • Waking up & talking to Kevin Koga (Tessa from JACL Kakehashi’s father & Mom’s friend) about work opportunities/how to apply to jobs and so forth… Holding the Syria demonstration, not many people showing up, but still making a statement & meeting other activists… SUPing with Ashley & excursion :), going to the lib with Ash and finding Hannah, mad grinding with snacks + friends
  • *I love life a lot when I am surrounded by a beautiful place, wonderful friends, and active & busy with (mostly) fulfilling things to do
  • Waking up & making breakfast & packing for Santa Catalina… Planning Canada Spring Break w/ Shauna
  • Seeing Olive & Brooke at Sam’s before heading out for the Catalina trip the next morning, eating ice cream & cookies
  • HIKING THE TCT (Trans Catalina Trail)… So many inside jokes with sam (CBS trail, the 5 laws of being an outdoorsman (never say you’re tired to another outdoorsman, no buns of steel no outdoorsman, don’t say you’re doing the trail if you’re taking a shortcut…), carrying my ridiculously heavy pack, climbing up the mountain that never ended the second day and feeling triumphant at the very top with music and good vibes, stopping at little harbor the second day and laying in the sunshine :)… Thinking a lot about life, love, philosophy, etc. … who we are when we are away from the things we know and the things we attempt to use to define us (accomplishments, possessions, work), realizing my passion for video and my love for music, my hobby for writing… SO BEAUTIFUL —- I am so lucky to be able to experience so many amazing things, like hiking around an entire island (150 miles) in 3 days with a great friend

Week 4

  • Getting back from Catalina Island dead, getting nasty mushy sushi for dinner with Sam’s friend Rob, eating cookies + ice cream back at Sam’s place, chilling out and passing out
  • Getting back to IV and studying it up, going to Chipotle with Nug, eating SO MUCH BECAUSE MY STOMACH IS CRYING FOR FOOD THINKING I’M STILL BACKPACKING… Visiting Jack for a quick outing with Meg… Eating the classic college snack of hot cheetos + gummies… My stomach is bloated
  • Waking up in wonderful IV… Studying with Olive & Jackie & Shauna at Goleta Library, grabbing snacks at Sprouts with Shauna and going back to my house, watching Hidden Figures… Walking to Sands for sunset w/ Shau… Hanging out with Drew, Loy, & Kat at home 🙂 (being young, our last final months of college ahhhh), Olivia texting me encouraging me to pursue creative jobs
  • Waking up & going for a run on a beautiful, windy day in IV, listening to a GREAT weekly discovery playlist, packing for Canada / studying / applying to jobs, watching the sunset with Olive & talking about life (jobs, going places, our friends are such interesting people!!! Jack’s going to Mexico for break, Olivia to Taiwan, Hannah to Sweden… Wow)… “Studying” w/ Olive, talking about careers and how a job might not be the correct pursuit, but instead the culture of the career & company
  • Group final presentations at the Psych courtyard, walking with Hannah Y to IV after presenting and getting shots / champagne to celebrate her graduation and our group for finishing the terrible advanced research class! Drinking mini shots with Hannah on the UCSB lawn by the lagoon… Spending time with Duncan 🙂 & Hannah, popping the champagne bottle on the stairs of Storke tower after not being able to get up the whole way… Jars at PMH w/ Dunc&Han (Hannah being ridiculous hahaha), seeing Julie & Dom, Ben coming and chilling for a bit before I leave with Shauna to L.A. … Driving to L.A. With Shauna, rummaging around Rite Aid, talking about life & love & careers… Drinking beers at the end of Joe’s baseball game (hahaha), grabbing In N Out with Joe, chilling and drinking at Joe’s place with Rachel/Shau (hockey) (how did I get blessed with such wonderful people from childhood and on)
  • Early airport shenanigans w/ Shauna and Rachel, throwing sleeping bags at each other & doing some yoga in the terminal, talking to Shau about writing non biographical blog posts & being considered hippies by other people hahaha, sitting in a row on the plane… Grabbing food & beer at the Calgary airport, flying to Vancouver over BANFF! GETTING TO VANCOUVER ITS BEAUTIFUL AND CLEAN AND AMAZING, 4 people offering their day passes for the train to us within the first 5 minutes (but we already bought them), Canadians being so helpful in general… Getting lost with Shauna/taking the wrong bus trying to get to our Airbnb haha, with dark chocolate almonds (humor is so important! After a guy on the bus was upset about my huge bag brushing his face lololol)… Running into Katie/grace and going on a hunt for alcohol, getting back to the house and playing drinking games/music (SLIDE), calling grace Gasm, going out to Granville street (soooo lit!), going to the Moose bar / stealth drinking rum with Rachel
  • Waking up and laying in bed with Grace & Shau & Katie, going into the city and walking around such hip shops, putting on life changing face elixir with Grace, Katie trying to get people to drink her free egg white drink latte thing, seeing a Fjallraven store, LOVING VANCOUVER, meeting up with Mai & Syd at MEET restaurant (amazing, wow, customer service and these places just wow), short photo shoot in the dope alley looking lame AF… Bar/brewery hopping in the gaslight district, walking around beautiful cold rainy Vancouver, drinking steins at a brewery with the mountains through the window/Shauna getting accepted to IRVINE for grad school!… Walking and walking towards Chinatown through a sketch area (it’s so important to realize how easy it is to forget about the rest of the world in sheltered, gentrified bliss), searching for Chinese food forever being aloof with grace lol, talking in British accents with grace (tiny Timmy) and shitting on Maia for no reason (Wacky Wendy), as well as every sign we see (Fitworks more like SHITWORKS)… Rachel… Getting Chinese food finally & grace stealing my soup dumpling, everyone laughing at ourselves… Meeting up with Connor/Emma + friends! Talking to PCT friend (Nick) (it still amazes me how many incredible people there are in this world)… Seeing the most incredible artist that live mixed everything with sax & beat boxing & guitar & singing at Chill Winston, + beautiful Canadian people (wow wow wow), dancing like crazy at the end and getting the artist to play 2 encores (10 more songs! 1 more song “PLEASE”!)… Cab home with Grace/Shau with driver that was all no-tech and no-news (I respect it oddly)… Lying on the kitchen floor of the Airbnb with G/S laughing at photos and being silly humans

Week 5

  • Waking up the next morning and picking up the car with Grace & Shauna, driving around and going to the tent rental place to cancel the rental/ask the guy where to go (SUCH A NICE DUDE, gave us a perfect route), went back to pick up the others, grabbing breakfast & driving to the ferry, sitting at the ferry for FOREVER, going on the ferry with such beautiful views, driving to Victoria and checking into our hotel (Ramada), loving Victoria! Feels so crazy to be back here… BOMB Italian restaurant Victoria, Rachel waiting while we go to a bar, me going back to wait with her… Stealth run flask shots in bathroom with Syd and Shauna… Playing drink when drummer blinks his eyes worth Shau and syd and chasing with cheesecake… Driving around, picking up snacks for home, & drinking back at the hotel room with more beer and more snacks 🙂
  • Going to a really nice coffee shop and enjoying breakfast wraps/coffee, meeting guy from Cambridge in cafe who lived in Toronto & talked about past gf & friend hooking up, plans to road trip in Cali… Being with Shauna & Grace :)… Exploring Victoria, going to see the seals, losing grace’s phone & getting rice for it… Going back to the hotel and pregaming with wine/beer, going to the Irish Pub restaurant, talking to Rach about future, anxieties, looking at grace smiling and thinking “this is everything, friends iare everything, there is no need to worry”… Stealth drinking with Grace while others get ice cream, Shauna saying I’ll be the best person at her wedding, reading poem about cremation/life and plaque of person who lived before (Sam Mcgee, Katie’s favorite poem)… Having a heart to heart with Katie outside of the bar’s bathroom :)… Going back and drinking more/playing games
  • Driving to Tofino… Walking around a beautiful forest area… BOMB food @ lunch in Tofino… BEAUTIFUL people everywhere… Walking on beach + Maia being a kid… Friends being happy… Bomb food again @ dinner, beautiful ppl… Being with people you love constantly gives you a kind of calm… Happy happy traveling and organizing trip for friends… Jokes with grace & Shauna, drinking in the hotel room
  • Getting on the road early morning, sun peaking trough the mountains – this is life this is everything… Beautiful miss forest with wooden pathway… Getting Katie’s stuff (easy friends) + Driving more + reading about career fulfillment… What do I want in a career in life? It all seems so big and broad and exciting but also confusing – I’m so happy though… Beautiful rain forest walks, lake, walking smiling laughing… Thinking a lot about life… Ferry, doing yoga on the boat deck, lady talking to us about Powell river… BEAUTIFUL run with Shauna and grace, grace picking up a cup of “pee” (was really juice) and her face imploding… Talking to the COUPLE NORWEGIAN + CANADIAN with Katie, talking about the northern lights, them just being the best people in the world!!! SEA CIDER + Belgian triples at the brewery with Katie, talking… Meeting up with the others at the restaurant and Sydney ordered us a MEAT PIZZA, SO BOMB, drinking back at the hotel and dancing (us being the only ones in the hotel lol)

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Moments made of people and places, brilliant and ordinary. ↹ Planet Earth, Milky Way

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