Ringing in the New Year

HAPPY BELATED NEW YEARS FOLKS. As always, happy belated everything.

It is officially 2017 and the new year is up and running.

I want to take a few seconds to reflect on this past year, and anticipate the following months.

To begin, I have been extraordinarily lucky these past 21 years. The people I know, the places I’ve been, the moments I’ve had – I will never stop hosting gratitude in this little brain of mine.

It is crazy to think that 2016 enveloped so many experiences, so many new directions, and so many new friendships.

To the multitude of countries I visited this past year, to the outstanding friends I met, the wonderful house I now live in, the loving community I now live in again here at UC Santa Barbara, and everything in between: You give me life, you give me joy, you give me the enthusiasm to live every day in satisfaction, and in aim of living more.

I am going to spend the remainder of the university year pursuing more tangible projects in videography, and editing together short videos consistently each week.

Hence: the new YouTube Channel.

Here I will posting weekly videos, montages of what I’m experiencing in and out of the university, and various creative projects.

In addition, I will continue to use Vimeo as a videography platform as well, but less often and in contrast, for specific, more personally and professionally crafted projects.

The cherry on top of the ridiculously large, delicious, and surprise-filled sundae of a year was being able to spend the New Years celebrations in one of the most beautiful places in the world, with some of the best people I’ve known since my childhood.

Around a group of 20 of us flocked up to North Lake Tahoe, rejoiced in seeing our old friends again, ran and fell in the snow, and enjoyed the cold weather with great company.

Here’s to an outstanding 2017, and appreciating the past years we’ve loved, fell, triumph, and lived through.


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Moments made of people and places, brilliant and ordinary. ↹ Planet Earth, Milky Way

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