Good Morning America: A Letter from an Ordinary Citizen

I am distraught. I, I am in disbelief. At the decision made by our country tonight, I find myself at loss of thoughts, of words, of feelings.

To elect this man, by the name of Donald Trump, who is guilty of just about everything under the sun that any decent human being would condemn. To elect him as our next president, the leader of our country for the next four years. That is downright unbelievable.

I want to scream, to yell, to find the people responsible for this mess and beat them down with words until they understand their wrongdoing. To look Trump in the eyes and tell him, no matter who he truly is or thinks he is, that he is responsible for the hurt of thousands of people, for the discordance among groups, for the fear of millions. That he is responsible for being an indecent individual, a poor man, and an incompetent thinker.

I would tell Donald Trump that he is worthless, that he is as ignorant as Icarus who flew to close to the sun. But what irks me most, what lines my veins with fear and haunts my conscience with a bleak reality, is not the elect himself. But rather those who voted for him.

You see, Donald Trump is now the face of America. But we were told as kids to not judge books by their covers – it is a rightful practice, there is more than meets the eye. Donald Trump is the face of America, but he is not America.

Or is he?

What frightens me is the answer to this question, because although I assumed that Hillary Clinton would win the race, in the unlikely event that she didn’t, I always believed that I could rely on the constituents of our nation – the good people of our country. Because surely, indefinitely, a nation as bright, as open, as progressive as ours, would not elect or support a historical setback.

But that is exactly what we (or “you” other half, given that it is gut-wrenchingly painful to consider myself a part of your agenda) did.

You see, Trump not only won by the electoral college, he also won by the popular vote. Meaning more than half of our nation who voted, voted for Trump.

More than half of our nation who voted, voted against diversity.

More than half of our nation who voted, voted against women’s rights.

More than half of our nation who voted, voted against sexual equality.

More than half of our nation who voted, voted against humanitarian policy.

More than half of our nation who voted, voted against being human. And against all the best parts of being human – living for others, working towards a greater good, finding understanding and appreciation in our differences.

What is most painful is that I do not know what red, white, and blue means anymore. Because apparently it means far different things to the slight majority of our nation than it does to me, my friends, or those I know best.

But the pain is exactly why you, Mr. Trump, give me motivation. The pain is why you, voters for Trump, inspire me to stay. Coincidentally enough, a dream of mine is to live in Canada, but now is not the time.

What now entails, among the confusion and devastation, are opportunities for voice, for leadership, for representation and assertion. Because the other half of our nation, the sane individuals who understand what humanity entails, are still here. And we do not stand for Trump.

We stand for equality, for justice, for diversity and for progression. We stand for common sense, for creativity, for the environment and the human rights of every individual, all backgrounds and pronouns. We stand for the world, for the countries that watched our polls as closely as we did, with a cautious disposition as to where our next leader would take us.

This is our country. It belongs to us as much as it belongs to the people who stained tonight’s maps red.

And we will damn right fight for it.

So to Trump and Trump supporters, in these next few hours, as we try to process what just happened, process this: We will be moving forward at a rate that your social regression cannot match.

We will light every beacon whose flame you put out, and reground every person you knock off their feet.

Because we are America. And we will keep America great.

By the time anyone reads this, it will be morning. A morning after a night that inevitably changed our nation, and more relevantly, our world.

The mornings that follow the blindside of the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election may be some of the toughest mornings yet. They can also be some of the greatest mornings yet.

If any opportunity has sprung from the largest mistake our country has made in recent years, it is the opportunity to rise from complacency.

The implications of this election and the challenges to come require action and cooperation that may only be sustained by the ones who care. Yes, us.

Good morning America, get ready for a fight.


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