Perfect Timing

When the note from your predecessor at work keeps you going…

Overwhelming is an understatement for what it’s been like in between school, personal projects, enjoying this last year at the university, planning for the future, and working for our university’s Health & Wellness department.

In short, our staff has been drowning in the demands of the events, programs, and campaigns we run to promote student wellness, in light of the new framework of our organization. I’ve learned a lot about the realities of working in public health and implementing health services these past two months, and started doubting my ability to keep contributing to our department in addition to everything else.

But this short note from a good friend of mine put my lens back into focus.

The gritty details build up important work. And sometimes it’s the crazy kind of life that leads you in brilliant directions.

It’s amazing how quickly a few words stringed together can turn your day around.

How genuine, real, and raw perspectives on the tangled and unedited parts of life can offer an endless source of comfort.

To hear someone speak about the shitty parts, to see someone see exactly what you feel, and know exactly what you experience.

To know that we are not alone in the “bullshit”. That our friends are right there with us.


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Moments made of people and places, brilliant and ordinary. ↹ Planet Earth, Milky Way

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