You know when you wake up with a smile?

You grab something for breakfast, then sit down, and just feel… Alright.

You put on some music, and sit there.

You might not be moving, but you are totally, utterly animated.

Your thoughts, your views, your position on life is alive, running, flying. Capable of anything.

And you are too.

You think, “This life, this life, this life.”

Without a clear definition as to what you are happy for, aside from everything.

The opportunities that hang on the horizon. The memories that set with the sun. The constant sources of joy and moments of laughter that dwell in the air we breathe every day.

You feel alive, excited, enthusiastic for every single little thing that life has laid out for you. The rocks, the pebbles, the puddles. The strangers you meet along the way.

Like a pathway lit by the miracles of being human, you walk in the light.

It’s this vivacity that motivates us to do things others deem amazing. This energy that encourages us to keep on, and help others keep on themselves.

It’s harnessing all of this, this force that lifts us up and reminds us to bask in the sun’s light rather than remain behind concrete walls. To stop and smile at the people around us rather than remaining idle in our own heads.

To remember that we can wake up happy. We can ignite the flames in our own heads.

This is what you want for yourself. And this is what you want for everyone else.


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Moments made of people and places, brilliant and ordinary. ↹ Planet Earth, Milky Way

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