The Sun Sets

He rippled his fingers through the golden sand.

It covered him in warmth, in love, and in life. Like a family of friends, a family of his own, a world that held a future, a present, which he could trust and hold dear.

The ocean waves swept in and out, washed over and under, telling a story of those who have yet to be heard, insisting a a sense of calm that let all of its listeners sigh in relief.

“It is okay,”  he thought.

Life comes in tumbles of confusion, hurricanes of doubt, misbelief, and pure wonder. The motions of finding our answers – to the lives who need help, parts of the world that need aid, our own thoughts and visions that piece together a broken identity -gives rise to states that can be quite unsettling.


But then these moments set it in, ones that revive our trust, instill our comforts, and remind us of what it is in the world that we fight for.

Most things.

The blazing sun settling beneath rainbow clouds. Saying the most at the quietest voice, displaying so much at the whispered exit of a sunset.

People laid on the sand, watching the sun set, as a unified echo of joy and warmth spread throughout the air, more poignant than the salt of the sea.

Music bellowed in mild tones, conversation murmured in a softened tune.

Orange, red, blue, purple, colors of life and love. The sun set.

“Pure joy”, he thought. Pure joy, he felt.

This is the life we fight for. This is the life we love.

This is life.

Some people don’t have it, as much as others. This is what we fight for. This life for everyone. This life for all.

Sounds of joy from previous places, feelings of warmth from previous people. They flooded his senses in a symphony of recognition and realization. Colors of life that danced in the air, colors of life that instilled an energy.

To lead, to love, and to wander.

The sun set.

Written in Oahu, Hawaii, U.S.A.


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Moments made of people and places, brilliant and ordinary. ↹ Planet Earth, Milky Way

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