Hawaii + Grandma

I’ve been home in Davis for three or so days now, finally a pause in the ridiculous whirlpool of trips, activities, friends, and family that this summer has been.

The past two weeks I got to spend time with both my brother and my grandma, in one of the most beautiful places in the world: Hawaii.

Now, before I reflect on the trip to Hawaii, I have to indulge myself in some reflection, reflection on how AMAZING, OUT-OF-THIS-WORLD, filled-with-joy-love-adventure-and-life this summer has been.

By far, one of the best summers of my life.

From leaving the European country I called home for a year, traveling across Southeast Asia and Japan, making quality friends, spending quality time with quality friends, and spending quality time with quality family… I must say that I feel like the luckiest man alive.

But I guess it doesn’t stop there, soon I’ll be returning to UC Santa Barbara, and I cannot express how excited I am to meet up with the souls I have missed so much – ones I met and fell in love with abroad, ones I’ve been in love with since the start (or even before) college.

Life is quite extraordinary. When you sit down, think about it, write it out, it’s truly like nothing else. It’s not the boring moments, it’s not the lively moments, not the happy and not the sad. It’s all of them, and when they all collide into one simple reflection, it’s straight beauty.

Any who, back to the point.

I am the luckiest guy to have such a wonderful and loving grandmother, and wonderful and loving brother. Our trip to Hawaii was amazing. We spent seven days in Kauai, learning about the places my grandmother lived and grew up among, and then traveled to Oahu to spend time with family and family friends.

I love my grandmother so much.

I love my family so much.

And Hawaii is so fucking beautiful, I think I’m obligated to spend at least a few months living there.

We got to see my Auntie Evie, which was amazing – she is such a lively and laughing soul! At one point she was laughing so hard at my grandmother’s stories she didn’t think she could continue driving the car.

My grandmother is full of life, history, and love – when we visited my grandfather’s remains at the Church of Crossroads, along with my uncle’s and my great grandmother’s, she began speaking. I couldn’t really hear, so I edged in closer and asked her what she was saying. She just continued to talk, and I realized that she was talking to my grandfather.

“Hello Walter! You just turned a year older, I hope you had fun. We sure did, we miss your laughter. I miss you lots. This is the last time we’ll see each other until next time. I love you.”

I teared up, my heart was full. To witness that much love in somebody, for somebody… My grandmother will always be a role model for me.

I got to learn a lot about the family we had that passed before I was born, or grew up to know them better. I got to learn a lot about my grandmother, about my father, about how tragedies occur in life, how you cope, and how you continue to live as brightly as the world allows. As you allow.

Oh, and we missed our flight home. But that meant an extra day on the island, with my family – quite a winning situation.

I got to talk to my Auntie Evie a lot, about what I want to do in the future and so forth, just talking. Talking is great.

The evening before we flew home my brother and I went to the beach, I laid down and just laid there. The sun began to set. Everyone laid there. Calm, quiet, running in the water laughing. The vibes of Hawaii are some of the most content, comforting, and calming I have ever been a part of. Nearby some folks were playing guitar, a fire burning, a luau in the making.

People were happy.

I’m happy.

Life is extraordinary.



  • Fish market (ahi wrap)


  • Family cafe
  • Regency at Pukea with Ah-mah’s old friends
  • Canyon outlook
  • Wong’s pies
  • Dinner at something cafe


  • Tip top cafe 
  • Beach walk
  • Princeville
  • Hanalei
    • Ah-mah’s old town
    • Ah-mah’s old friend
    • Church ah-mah was married at
    • Beach dock
    • Caves


  • Nap (phone charing nap… jk real nap)
  • Beach


  • Spa with Ah mah
  • Resort beach
  • Beach with goggles (fish chasing!)
  • Garden island grill dinner


  • Family cafe
  • Fail hike with aaron (too muddy, left)
  • Swimming in waves! at ocean
  • Smiley grinds dinner


  • Flight to Oahu
  • Ah-mah’s kindgergaten student picked us up
  • Visited church where ayay and latin’s ashes are (and Ah-mah’s mother)
  • Met with Amy (ah-mah’s old friend) and Amy’s daughter
  • Went to dinner at Side Street Inn
  • Drove around Waikiki, stopped at outlook over beach… Beautiful full moon and waves


  • Zippy’s for breakfast
  • Long drive to a Mormon church…
  • Polynesian cultural center AKA walking Ah-mah and Amy around, screw that overpriced place. Love Ah-mah and Amy though they rock
  • Dinner at Nico’s Pier 38 with Aaron, SO GOOD
  • Movie (xmen!)


  • Church of crossroads with flowers
  • Dim sum for lunch
  • Met the fish that changed my life
  • Took ah-mah to keiser (Keiser is awesome, lots of friendly people)
  • Aaron did a hit and run lol
  • Went to dinner with Ah-Mah’s step brother and his family, our second cousins(?) along with Amy and Shanti (really nice family! Family is awesome & it would be great to get to know them if I lived here)


  • Hawaiian airlines fucking sucks and the Oahu airport is terrible, so unorganized, missed our flight
  • But great day at the beach after a shaved ice run (beautiful sunset I could live here for the summer)
  • Staying at Evie’s house, driving with Evie and ah mah and Aaron (Evie laughing hysterically at Ah-mah, funny funny family)
  • I love Hawaii and our family here and Evie and John’s house!


  • Amazing breakfast with Auntie Evie!
  • So nice to have family in Hawaii

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