HOME, Finally

I’ve officially been back in California for two weeks now, and it has been a wonderful, friend-and-family filled two weeks.

I have to say, it feels AMAZING being back home. Where water is poured at restaurants in endless amounts (I like to stay hydrated), and I can call anyone at any time that I want. It has been amazing reconnecting with friends and family, and simply great to be back.

It has been pretty busy since arriving home, right when I landed I went to spend a night with my dear friend Natalie in San Francisco, and then immediately after that I went up to Mammoth Lakes for a family fishing trip with my cousins, aunt, and extended family. Right after that I headed back to San Francisco for a music festival (Outside Lands) with my great friends from high school (and a few from UCSB), and I’m now at my grandmother’s house after one day of rest. Tomorrow we leave for Hawaii.

But I guess that’s what’s great about being young.

All in all, it is great to be home. I love my family, I love my friends, and I missed it more than I realized when I was gone.


Flew home into SFO after a long layover in Korea, sightseeing a temple & lunch & shopping street

  • I want to go to Korea
  • Kids are amazing (kid that sat next to me on the flight)

Spent a night with Natalie :), spent the day at her work at the conservatory of flowers & then grabbed Thai food & then chilled out with music and ceiling lights

  • I love San Francisco
  • Connecting with old and great friends is always a phenomenal time

DAVIS! Lunch with mom & Aaron at Dos Coyotes

  • I really love home, and family


Visited downtown mammoth & got cold stone, star gazed; great conversations with Tenaya on relationships and life, realized how awesome it must be to work at a ski resort and live in these places temporarily

  • California is fucking beautiful
  • I want to hike and backpack everything
  • I love my family & especially my cousins Tenaya and Sierra and my auntie Mary


Ridiculous car drive to Mike and Maya’s


  • couldn’t find Andrew jack or Meghan
  • bomb snacks snuck in everything too
  • Getting back & talking to mike with olympics on


  • Getting to know Fam friends Mike & maya, breakfast
  • morning walks with Maia & Raquel
  • Drinking shady on rando apartment steps
  • Made it to the fest!
  • Running around forever…
  • ALL OF DHS wtf
  • Zedd is dope
  • Mom sends funny texts on Viber during her flight home from Colorada with Dad (Dad just won an award for his work at the APA conference! Smart smart fam)


  • I fucking love oh wonder
  • Snakehips is so awesome
  • Lettuce the band is bomb wtf
  • Lionel Richie sent it although wtf come on where’s Diana Ross


  • Dumplings on tha way home
  • Love my friends
  • Good drives with shau
  • Sleepy all day post OSL coma
  • Good talks with shau

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