Family Trip to Japan & New Directions for “Reflections”

I’ve decided to stop logging every single detail, or every single thought, about the experiences I’m having.

I intended to keep this blog going for the duration of my whole life, to allow myself to see an example of the human experience in whole, and get a glimpse of past moments and past memories in the future.

But as I continue to experience the world, I realize it is not about looking back. It is not about finding something greater out of each moment and memory you have experienced. And it is not even about finding yourself.

Life is about living, it is a simple philosophy, but it stands in every situation.

It is about enjoying, appreciating, taking in every moment as it comes. Every person, every place, every experience. In total concentration, total presence, and total being.

So starting from here, I’ll simply be recapping some of the moments that make up my experiences.

The past two weeks my family and I spent our first family trip together in years, in a place we have all been dreaming of visiting: Japan.

After being in Kyoto, Japan for two weeks on my own, I took a night bus to Tokyo and met them the night that they flew in. We got to stay at my uncle Masayuki’s condo, an amazing space in a great location.

The two weeks were truly an amazing family trip, a reminder of why I want to be able to see my family often rather than “now and then”, and a testimony to why family forges bonds stronger than anything that can be accurately described. I love my family, even when we are annoyed with each other, or don’t agree in one way or another, we love each other, and we know that.

We visited Tokyo and the surrounding areas the first five days, and then took a trip to Kyoto for three days, then to Hakone (one of the most beautiful places I have been), and back to Tokyo.

An amazing time with an amazing family, who I am so grateful for, and hope to appreciate as much as possible for as long as I can.



  • Fish market
  • Amazinggg chirashi bowl
  • Meiju Jingu Temple
  • Tokyo hands
  • Ramen restaurant self order


  • Masayuki lunch with family
  • Dinner with Masayuki 


  • Science museum with funny dancing robot
  • Tokyo midtown
  • Summer light garden
  • Dinner at the mall (ramen and dumplings!)


  • Isetan food
  • Bic electronics
  • Robot dinner


  • Sensoji temple
  • Skytree
    • Beer with dad
    • Window shows!


  • KAMAKURA great Buddha
  • Soba restaurant


  • Bullet train to KYOTO (reserved)
  • Kyoto station
  • Kiyomizudera
  • Night out + karaoke with GOJO homies


  • Fushimi Inari (Red Gates)
    • Festival!!! Climbing to the top with Dad
  • River sunrise with GOJO homies


  • Arashiyama
  • Monkey forest (Iwatayama)
  • Dinner at pasta place in Gion
  • Night out for julen’s last time in Kyoto (and mine too I guess… 😭)


  • Bullet train to ODAWARA (reserved) + bento boxes
  • Amazing hotel & onsen


  • Ashi lake
  • Ropeway
  • Hakone shrine
  • Ropeway to volcano
  • Onsennn


  • Return to TOKYO
  • Arcades w/ Julen @ electronic district
  • Goodbye to Julen
  • Shopping
  • Uobei sushi
  • Night out w/ Aaron
    • Total failure hahahaha, taking wrong train ending up in random district. Walking around and talking, conversations about life (aspirations, why we initially wanted to do some things just for the sake of approval E.g. PHD or transferring to UCD) & how mom and dad are amazing parents, beer at expensive bar, sitting at park with tons of other random people till we could take train back home at 4:30AM


  • Slept for days 😂
  • Walked with Aaron to grocery store
  • Obento with mom & Aaron
  • Dad & mom sending me off with a taxi to the airport


  • Arrive into Seoul incheon airport
  • Airport tour of temple and shopping district
    • Nice lady from Vietnam, traveling to Seattle

// future //

  • Odaiba seaside park
  • Ghibli Museum
  • Government building sunrise/sunset


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