Nice, France // July 2017

I can’t contemplate how tragedies in the present day continue to strike our world, one after the other, leaving us all in shock and grief. My heart is aching.

Every thought, judgment, and action I make lies in solidarity with the people of France, in addition to the people of this world who suffer through situations that should never occur and circumstances that should not exist.

I despise the sources on our planet that fail to know humanity, respect it, and instead influence characters to act blindly in ignorance for motives or reasons that will never hold legitimacy.

In times as turbid as these, it is important for us to stop and ask ourselves what meaningful emotions can arise out of hate, out of shock, and out of grief, besides feelings of disbelief and disgust that may be too easily guided towards those who are helplessly innocent.

We all hate evil. We all hate terrorism. This is human, but we cannot hate these things while attempting to put a face on them.

I have already seen many responses to the tragedy at hand, lined with anti-islamic, anti-muslim sentiment. This is an example of not stopping, not thinking, and jumping to a conclusion fueled by hate.

A hate that fuels terrorism itself.

Stop, think, and imagine the fear you would feel for yourself and your loved ones if you were viewed with a label that is targeted for revenge.

Terrorism is not a one-sided battle: the world fears it as much as the people with whom it is associated.

These lives have ended abruptly in their paths, but their stories persist along the efforts we make to appreciate, enjoy, and fight for the brightest parts of our world, a unified mankind.

Remember this, and fight for it. Try to transform hate into the motivation that fuels love or compassion, anything but more terror.





I stand in constant prayer with those affected by the recent tragedies in Nice, France. As well as the good people all over the world.

Yet rising sentiments of aggression towards certain groups of people leave me concerned.

To hate terrorism and fight terrorism is a human quality, but we must not inflict terrorism ourselves by targeting others who live with the same griefs and joys.

We cannot label a country or religion with generalizations if we are to maintain legitimate and considerate motives.

And we must not assign an entire group of people to a singular fear.


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