The Child

The child sat on the stepping stones of the large house. It seemed as if the world would swallow it whole along with him. Moving from one place to another, leaving old faces for new faces, familiar ones for strange ones.

Leaving everything in place as it was, as it would be, and as it would continue to be. It hurt to think about it, but it was impossible not to.

The voices in his head went through a dialogue. The bright versus the dark, the glass half full versus the glass half empty. What was brilliant about new things shone obvious in the illumination of a future self. But the opposite stood just as stark.

“Why are you sad, self?” said the bright

“It is not a question of why, but for how long. These things happen and they pass. But it is inevitably sad to leave. Leaving is sad.” said the dark

“This is true. But leaving is also happy. New places and new things. Opportunity for reinvention, learning, living. It is a runway for the passing of a lit baton, burning bright in the stretch of a life that we can’t yet see.”

“It is happy. I know that. But it is sad. There are both. And we must take time for both. I would cry in my own arms. I would jump in joy until I could touch the blue sky above. But it is silly to do either of these things. Because to do both is implausible. Yet both is rational.”

“Then choose one. If we cannot do both, choose one. And choose the one that allows you to live better in this moment. Because both will still exist in the future, but the one you choose will shine stronger than the other. Sadness turns into longing, happiness turns into nostalgia.”

“But which to choose? My heart is heavy. My soul is light.”

“Let that which is light bring up that which is down.”

“Choose happy?”

“Choose fulfillment. Choose enjoying the things you will miss and the things you are sad for, during the time that you can.”

The child sat on the stepping stones of the large house. It seemed as if the world would lift it up along with him.

Written in Lund, Sweden


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Moments made of people and places, brilliant and ordinary. ↹ Planet Earth, Milky Way

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