Verses On Optimism: Staying On The Bright Side

There are so many sad things in this world.

So much tragedy.

So much heartbreak.

So much inhuman violence.

Yet we are told to look on the bright side, and appreciate life.

Which we should, no doubt.

But it is not always an easy thing to do. Because we can’t ignore what is wrong in this world. We can’t look the other way and pretend that we are still five years old, with the leisurely right to remain blind of the things that sum up our planet.

Many wonderful, insightful, but also many tragic.

When you travel the world and learn about the history of the places and people that have remained these past hundreds to thousands of years.

When you witness the tragic reality of mankind, and the violent potential of the human race to hurt one another.

Destroy one another.

And regard one another with little to no compassion.

Your heart weighs heavy, your mind inconsistent with the safe and loving reality you normally live.

And it is difficult to know what to think.

Because politics, vindictiveness, genocide. It all has happened, it all is happening, and it all can happen.


You ask yourself.


Among the miracles of  life, among the joys and comforts of love and wisdom. Among mom, dad, brother, sister. Friend. Celebration. Community.

How do these things exist?

Why are things sad, why are things dark.

Why do things happen that we can’t understand.

Things that have no bright side, like having something so good that it hurts to part with it.

But things that simply, do not make sense.

The human tendency to hurt those of our own.

Repeated situations of conflict and blood

Inexplicable loss.

Avoidable misunderstanding.

It is a spiral of solitude and shivering sadness that burdens the one who dwells on these things.

But it is a crime, a risk of repetition in ignorance of this reality, to not pay attention.

So what do I do?

I ask.

How do I remain happy. Maintain optimism. In light of all the darkness that exists.

A switch of the mind must take place.

A switch that gives light, but does not overpower.

The miracles of now and of ahead, re-illuminated into my conscious.

The usual love, the usual warmth.

The usual brightness. But with different colors.

Reappeared and reimagined.

Staying on the bright side because not all of us can.

Promoting the bright side because not all of us will.

Loving other people and exhibiting the will to care. Sharing what is good and what is whole, to encourage a world that focuses on what is right. And in so, flourishes in it.

Doing our human best to practice what may keep that which we cannot understand at bay.

Operating in the ways that we know, in the ways that we trust.

Compassion, connection, coexistence.


Optimism with meaning.

In memory of those who fought for the bright but fell to the dark.

Kossuth Square, Budapest. October 25th, 1956.


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